8 comments on “Journey Chattanooga Band performing Yours Forever

  1. This wicked garbage is trash, but it does not honor God. This sounds like the worldly music that I listened to when I was lost. ( Be not conformed to this world ). This is about what I would think someone like you would listen to. Repent while you can, if you can.

    • If anyone is wondering who pastor Bryson is, he is pastor of Open Door church and is responsible for the blog entry about RevScottie and the Street Preacher. https://revscottie.wordpress.com/2010/04/17/revscottie-and-the-street-preacher He was so busy condeming beer, homosexuality, fornication and anything else that you could think of that he couldn’t take time to share the true Gospel of Jesus. Notice of everything written on this blog he comments on the music.

      Here are just some of the lyrics from this so called wicked garbage we play

      “We walk in the truth that overcame our sin
      Leaving our past and how we once had lived
      Giving our lives to see
      Your Name made known
      ‘Cause the love of Christ is what the world
      Needs most”

      P. Bryson I challenge you to back your statements up with the Word. Balls in your court run with it!

  2. Hey scottie,you can put different words to tunes that sound like ac/dc or zz top and it is still fleshly and worldly. Come out from among them. Second of all the love of Christ does not keep people out of hell. Even the sodomites tell us that God loves them. So actually you don’t have a clue what goes on when we are on the street. As for my response to you, we have hundreds of mockers and lost religious people and wise guys come up to us all of the time with tactics of satan and I do not let them distract us from God’s work. That is why I did not give you any time. Our prayer for you and all of the deceived religious lost people of our generation is they would repent and obey the gospel and submit to Christ as Lord. If you do not, Jesus is coming back to take vengeance on all who don’t. So I say Repent and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ while you can, if you can.

    • OK this song sounds like neither AC/DC nor ZZ Top so I’m not sure how we determine if our music is worldly or not. It doesn’t sound like worldly Hip Hop, Rap, or Country either. How do I determine if my music is OK or not on your worldliness scale? The only other place I hear this type of music is in other churches. Ask anyone on the street if they have heard this style of music on local radio and unless they listen to a Christian radio station they will tell you no. By the way you will have to find an “oldies” station to even hear AC/DC or ZZ Top on the radio because they haven’t been at the forefront of entertainment for almost 30 years. So you would have to go back 30years to find music that you claim sounds like this. If you go back far enough I bet you will find Hymns and popular music that sound the same. So do we have to adjust our standards and musical taste as the world changes theirs to make sure they never meet up and look or sound similar?

      Sorry but I never identified myself as a religious person because unlike you I didn’t wear a uniform that looked more like a secret servant agent than an ordinary person so you had no idea who I was. I assume from your statement that Lost religious folks aren’t worth your time? Thank goodness the God I serve doesn’t think like you do!

      I still haven’t heard a description of what I need to repent from. I’m guessing you know that we are both saved and you can’t stand the thought of being in Heaven with people like me. You can take comfort that Jesus communicated with the religious elite who were such sticklers for the law in the New Testament, He called them Pharisees…

  3. Hey Scottie, Speaking of uniforms, yours is just like all of the other lost people. You also said religious folks are not worth my time, you just forget one thing. When someone has a receptive spirit, and not a jerk ( like you ) I take all the time it takes. Sometimes I have an answer and sometimes I may not but I don’t turn away a sincere question. But when people like yourself, are mocking and taking time away from what we came to do then I don’t have time for them.
    To repent from all sin is what needs to be done. Your casual , rock in roll, women wearing mens clothing, strob light, hip swinging religion won’t get you into heaven. When someone is truly born again they will be made a new creature.
    The Jesus of the Bible is preparing a spotless church not a worldly church. I am not saying this to change your mind but to declare the truth and you can do with it what you want.In Acts two it said they gladly received the word. That made the difference in being saved or not.

    • Why must you and your followers resort to name calling each time you post here? I have been patient in letting you express your views but I doubt that I will be approving anymore of your comments after this because of your un-Christlike attitude. You can’t name what I need to repent of and continue to make wild accusations such as women wearing men’s clothing. Trust me I have no rhythm so you won’t be seeing any hip swinging from me. You have yet to proclaim any Truth because you refuse to address the death burial and ressurection of Jesus and acknowledge Gods Love for humanity. Don’t be surprised if one morning some of my group comes and visits The Open Door church to see if it really lives up to its name. We will be easy to spot because we won’t be wearing white shirts and ties and we will have a smile on our faces because we have Jesus in our hearts!

  4. …roadtrip!!! dude, i hate to sound so cliche…but can’t we all just get along?!?(lol!) i’ll extend a hand in friendship & go hang with these guys (i aint scared-lol!) & we’ll test that whole open door thang…but, to be so selfproclaimed “christ-like” this guy sure seems to enjoy “judging” his fellow believers?…i thought that was Gods job…not ours?!?! this dude needs to realize that a guitar chord in & or itself is not inheriantly evil…its what you do with it, a piano playing an old fashioned hym is no holier than a marshall cranked to 11! …it’s a “head-to-far-up-your-own-holier-than-thou-butt-seperatist” attitude like this dude has that can turn certain people AWAY than TOWARD! different types of people like different types of music, does he actually think that his type of musical worship was even around back when Jesus was here in the flesh? …bet he thinks Jesus read from a “king james” bible as well?!? come people…use your head for more than a hat rack…all this mud slinging, of which i am obviously guilty of, if out of nothing more than pure frustration, is a divide & concure satanic 101, if he can keep us fighting amongst ourselves than we’re doing nothing productive for the kingdom…duh! …hey “mr.we’re-not-holy-enough-to-get-into-heaven” …maybe you should go read romans…just sayin’

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