The RevScottie Blog is up and running. A special thanks to my daughters for the name of the blog. A friend of mine once listed me as a reverend in his church bulletin when I spoke there. The girls thought it was a hoot that someone called their Dad “Reverend” so they added the Scottie tag line to it to keep me humble. Thus the creation of the persona known as RevScottie

I have recently been diagnosed as suffering from UPS (Unfinished Project Syndrome). This illness strikes many men in the prime of life. The only known cure is a large infusion of time and money.

One comment on “About

  1. Dear Brother in Christ;
    I greet you in the name of our Lord and savior,
    I believe God has bestowed to you so many Talent
    that will help the church to grow more in the Knowledge of truth, Please Share it to us, I pray God will open ways and maens and you able to make a Visit to our churches here in our place and share the God gift talent you have to let our people grow spiritually Thanks in advance please email me or write me at my address;
    Edgar V. Labus
    Landmark Baptist Church
    P.O Box 2261
    Tagum City
    Davao Del Norte
    8100 Mindanao Island, Philippines

    or email at;

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